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Best Affordable ERP | Some Attractive Features of Odoo CRM

Best Affordable ERP ,thats what a company aims to achieve , by using Odoo CRM ?  Yes. Its crystal clear. With Odoo CRM, the job should be much easier than before for the entire team. All the users including Sales Manager, Team leader should have a direct overview of ongoing performance of the department. All the sales activities should be centralised and should be controlled by a single solution – CRM. Also should be able get clear picture about the activities to be held on next 7 days. Using a CRM, this month’s invoicing target should be exceed when compare to last month’s. A Business Forecasting should be possible based on the leads and opportunities.

To achieve all these, Odoo CRM has introduced a lot of features and functionalities. Only a few of them was mention here.

Scheduling and Assigning Activity

Scheduling an activity and Assigning it, in Best Affordable ERP in Odoo CRM Management of the sales team has much importance in every companies.  All the team members of the sales team will have some assigned tasks either by themselves or by their team leader or manages.  Those tasks or activities should be completed without failure as if there is any delay means, the genuine opportunity may be lost. So the sales managers will be much cautious on the scheduled activities of the sales team members.

In Odoo CRM, next actions can be schedule on all the leads or opportunities. If a customer wanted to call them on next week, it should be entered as the next action with a specified date. Also it can be noted as description that what should be discussed with the customer, or how ended the last call etc.

When the user login to Odoo CRM, he /she can get complete picture of the activities to be done today in a pipeline view

A team member will have to do hundreds of tasks to be done.

In Odoo CRM, it is much easy to schedule an activity such as Call, Email, Meeting, etc.

Odoo CRM Scheduled Activity

How to schedule a task in Best Affordable ERP Odoo 13 ?

Click on Schedule Activity option

Odoo Schedule Task P1
  • Select the activity type such as Call / Email / Meeting /etcc
  • Choose the date on which the task should be done
Odoo Schedule Task P2

Once its add, it will be add to the task list.

Also, it is possible to schedule a task against a lead or opportunity and it can be assigned to any team member.

  • Select the activity type.
  • Choose the team member to assign the activity
  • If any instructions are to be provided, mention them in description box
Odoo Schedule Task P3

Once its scheduled, the activity will be added in assigned person’s task list

Odoo CRM Assign Task P4

Also, the will  be sent to the assigned team member as an email . By clicking on  ‘ View Lead/Opportunity ‘  the  person will be able to proceed to the lead directly.

Odoo AssignTask P5

Colored notification about the scheduled activities.

It is important that all the activities  scheduled regarding all the leads to be done perfectly on time. Mostly , the sales manager or team leader always want to make sure about it.  Odoo has an attractive feature for it.

Best Affordable ERP In Odoo CRM,  sales manager can have the view of every leads with their current status. On the top of all the stages of the leads,  he can see the color line, based on the activities as below

Odoo CRM Scheduled Task Notification
Odoo CRM Color notification 1

If line is entirely in green color as on this image, some actions have planned for next day. So no need to get worried about them, but should have idea about those planned activities

Odoo CRM Color notification 2

If there is yellow colored part in that line as seen in picture, it means, some actions to be done today itself. Also total number of the due activities will be displayed when cursor is on it

Odoo CRM Color notification 3
Odoo CRM Color notification 4

If there is a red colored part  as seen, it means that some activities are overdue.  The team leader or manager can take immediate action to avoid revenue loss due to failure of the actions

The Gray color says that no activities are scheduled for some leads Once a task is done, its color will be changed to green.

This nice feature of Odoo CRM helps all the users of it to make sure  all their activities are done on time and he will be able to analyze the performance of the entire team quickly.

Create Log

Sometimes any member of the sales team wants to note a log for any lead or opportunity.  Also that  information should be share to a person who is not in sales department

For creating the log , just open the log note entry box and enter the details

Odoo CRM Log Note 2

It is possible to attach any file or add a smiley with the log note.

Also if the information should be shared with any other person, need to add his name with ‘@’ as below

Odoo CRM Log Note 3

The person, who has been mention in log will receive all the details including attachments as an email.


Odoo 16 Inventory – Odoo 16 putaway rules

As one of your business management tools, having an effective stock management system in place can significantly improve operations. Businesses that want to keep their customers coming back must be able to quickly and efficiently meet ever-increasing customer demands.

The Odoo Inventory module is excellent for managing inventories in your company. This is vital because unorganized warehouses can cause a variety of problems. The activities involved in stock management include purchasing the items, selling and delivering the stock, as well as storing, tracking, and organizing the stock in your warehouse.

Putaway Rules in Odoo are useful when you want to automatically organize products to their proper destination. ODOO 16 Inventory – Putaway Rules help to avoid storing products wrongly.

Navigate to the Inventory Module > Configurations > Settings > Activate Storage Locations to enable Putaway Rules in Odoo Inventory

Odoo inventory storage locations

We can access the Putaway Rules from the Configurations menu under Warehouse Management.

Odoo Putaway Rules

You will redirect to the following screen after selecting the Putaway Rules menu.

Putaway Rules

We can access all the Putaway Rules configured against the locations and warehouses from this page.

We can access all the Putaway Rules configured against the locations and warehouses from this page.

Tap the CREATE button to make a new rule.

Here, you can select the source location from the ‘When product arrives in’ column.


Choose the product for which the rule is configured in the ‘Product’ column.

Odoo Modules

We can select the location where the product should store from the ‘Store to sublocation’ column

Tap the SAVE button to save the putaway rule.

As a result of the preceding rule, the product ‘Small Shelf’ will be transferred to the location ‘LITS/Stock’ once it arrives at ‘LITS2’.

We can configure many Putaway Rules as possible against all products using this.

Because putaway rules are set against locations, you can check what rules are set against a particular location.

Navigate to Inventory Module > Configurations > Locations to do so.

Best ERP

You will be taken to the following screen-

Odoo Locations

Select the location you want to check.

Odoo Stock

Tap the Putaway Rule option to view the rules associated with the selected location.

Odoo ERP Putaway Rules

Odoo 16 inventory Storage Categories in Putaway Rules

Storage Categories in Odoo are additional location attributes. these categories enable the user to specify the number of products that can be kept in a location. The user can also specify how putaway rules will be used to choose the location.

Navigate to the Inventory Module > Configurations > Settings > Activate Storage Categories to enable Storage Categories.

Odoo ERP Settings

Either from the panel shown above or by going to Inventory > Configurations. > Storage Categories, you may manage the storage categories.

You can add a new category by tapping the CREATE button, which will take you to the screen shown below-

New Categories in Odoo


– Storage Category is where you should provide a name for the category.

– Max Weight is where you define the largest capacity of the storage category.

– Allow New Product has the following three options:

· If the location is empty: Only allows new products if the storage location is empty

·All the products are the same: Only allows new products only if all the selected products are the same.

· Allow mixed products: Allows all types of products to storage locations.

– Capacity By-

Packages: Select the already define Packages you want to be managed by the storage category. Then define the quantity of the same. You can define as many packages as you want. You can define their quantity until the largest defined weight is reached.

Products: Select the products you want to manage by the storage category. Then define the quantity of the same.You can define as many products as you want. You can define their quantity until the largest defined weight is reached.

As shown in the screen below, you can now select and assign the defined Storage Categories. You can also create a new Put Away Rule under the Having Category column.

Storage category in ERP

With all the above mentioned actions and features, you can effectively manage stock.

Managing your stock well gives you the best chance of business success.