Ideal CRM software

Ideal CRM software-Odoo CRM -The real customer centric CRM

Ideal CRM Software should best for Communications, Integrations, Customer Support in addition Customization etc… In this article, I am going to discuss about how business risks can sort out in simple steps. The previous strategies to run the business are with manual works which can be carried out with each individual thereafter gets interpreted together. For making to business to run with easiness, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was introduced. A CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data in addition the information associated with them.

Ideal CRM software

Explanation of Odoo CRM

Here I am going to explain Odoo CRM which helps to run the business and sort’s outs and validate the data with full systematic manner. It will keep track of our activities and actions to make sure businesses flows. Here come the simple methods to get used with Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM Opportunity
Odoo CRM Dashboard
  • On the basics of Requirements and Data Information, we can see the probability of success for the business based on the stages. Besides the different stages include NEW, QUOTATION, QUALIFIED, PROPOSITION and WON.
  • New stages define the beginning of the Business opportunity.
  • The Quotation stage describes the cost estimation required for the opportunity.
  • The next stage is qualified to start the project and Preposition stage defines the probability percentage and related status.
  • The final stage is the WON. As a result of this It will show out the result of the project implementation.

In between the project implementation we can keep track of the different activities carried out with the project. In addition to that, A customer can set out his/her team members to carry out the different stages which includes the notes regarding business and scheduling the activities like Calls, Meeting, Follow-up, Demo etc. to the assigned team member with date. The team member can define the tags and priorities based on the business by which sort out the required date by filtering option in CRM.

Ideal CRM software SO

The cost estimation as I already explained in quotation stage is have sub components like sending quotation, taking the sales order after confirming the quotation and sending the invoice to implement the business project with part payments. Here shows the sample copy of quoatation.

Sample copy of quoatation

Odoo CRM Pipeline

As a customer, you can list the required data by taking chart and bar graph implementation. The Ideal CRM software-Odoo CRM gives out the careful strategic planning, clear performance measures and a coordinated program. The program that change with the application of new technology. This ensures full modules regarding input data and expected outcomes of the business opportunity.

Odoo New features

Best affordable ERP

Best affordable ERP – Why should you choose to use an ERP for your business development?

You have to use an ERP rather than accounting software if you plan for your business to grow smoothly. These days an ERP can automate your most tedious tasks. The database within ERP software eliminates redundant tasks such as data entry. It allows the system to perform advanced calculations within minutes. From this viewpoint, an ERP increases your business productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Why should you choose Odoo ERP? Best affordable ERP-Odoo ERP can fit the needs of every company from small to large. However, the ERP upgrade is accessible from a short to each and every development. So you can choose the suitable Odoo application for the implementation process, a methodology based on your business size. So Odoo can offer the best fit ERP based on your vision and budget.

See how the implementation works carried out based on the size of your business;


Odoo for Startup Company Odoo ERP is very natural, fast, and simple to use on your office desktop or laptop in addition to mobile apps. It helps to grow your business and ensure you have the right daily business processes from the very beginning of the company.

Odoo for Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

Odoo for Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)  ERP is not only for giant corporates anymore. The Odoo can bring you a full scope of functionalities for a fraction of the price of SAP, Oracle, or MS Dynamics.

Odoo ERP implementation system is not only about deploying the IT system in your company. It is about standardizing & streamlining your processes in all the areas, helping you with the growing business.

After rapid growth, it is always a challenge to stabilize before further development of your business by revenue increase and proper controlling. Odoo ERP is an ideal tool to assist you with new updates always.

Odoo for Large Enterprises  Implementation of Odoo is about deploying software in your company and smart business infrastructure & correctly applied security measures in all sections.

Definitely, large implementations require an experienced, dedicated consultant who will guide you through the implementation & assist with the change management.

Best affordable ERP

Importance of choosing the best Implementation Gold partner for Odoo ERP

Becoming an Odoo ERP user has never been easier. It is most important to utilize and enjoy the essence of Odoo ERP. We can deploy Odoo ERP system & train your staff and senior managers to use it in a matter of days. Consultants with similar industry expe

real time business analysis

Best Enterprise Resource Planning software

Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software -Some signs that your business needs an ERP

Best Enterprise Resource Planning software

Best Enterprise Resource Planning software is used by organizations looking to manage their business functions within a centralized and integrated system. The best ERP solution must have various features such as  CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management, HR & Payroll, etc. When a business start out using a simple and cost-free tools such as Excel or small software to manage different processes , it will not be enough to handle various operations and obviously the business will not grow even in a least level.

1.You will need to spend much time on your daily activities. If it comes much headaches for you to manage key activities  such as accounting or sales processes, by taking much time to fulfill the needs and  creating complexities in your business, then it is critical in your business. If to get a picture of what you have done or what you have not, you will depend on your staff or various applications. Then you do not have any control on your business. ERP integrate solutions and data into one system with a common platform. This creates easiness for business units to communicate and complete their jobs on time.

2.When your questions will be unanswered.  Are you in a situation that your questions about your business are pending ?  You do not know about revenue per product or do not know what are the products which brings profit for you  ?  You do not know how much was the production cost of last month or do not know how much you lost due to damage of the products?

If so, it is sure that lack of access to the data which helps to find the answers of your questions will be holding you back.

Enterprise resource planning software help you to address these challenges.

ERP- Only Solution

3. You do not have control on processes. Do you have any areas of your business , where the processes are getting away from you ?

You do not have any control on inventory , customer satisfaction or logistics ? You do not have control on receivables from your customers and you face serious cash flow in your business ?

If so, your entire business processes should be rearrange to accommodate growth or setting priorities on various actions.

An ERP is the only solution for you

4. Some of your processes are handled manually with multiple data. Some companies will have a scenario that they will manage their sales processes with an invoicing software. But will not have a good system for managing leads or opportunities.  And for accounts, they will be using another application or Excel which will be burden to consolidate data.

So there will be chances of spending valuable time on solving duplication in data entries.  Result ? No Reports on time,  errors happening always and not able to make timely decisions.

Do not wait for falling your business on your life !   Let an ERP work for you to make everything accurate

5.No idea about the opportunities.. If you are spending so much time running your business which do not bring new exiting opportunities. How will you find growth in your business?

With the predictive analytics and business intelligence, an ERP system will advance you to a position where which you find exiting business op

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Odoo Development Company

Odoo Development Company | How to Select the best Expense Management Solution For Your Business?

The corona virus outbreak is not just a health crisis but an ecnomic one as well. Global economy is trying to see whether the corona virus pandemic will roll out a financial blow that’s likely to be equal or worse than what it experienced during the Great Recession. Financial discipline is one of the important survival measures for the companies to tackle this issue at micro level. Employee’s expense is one of the major cost overheads that concerns most businesses.

The level of competition for reasources and comodities at the market has become extremly intense. And as the competitiveness of the industry has soared there’s been a lot of pressure on the bottom line for companies too. In this current market scenario, as much as it is important for them to grow their revenues and their Top Line, It’s also become very important for them to increase their bottom line. And one of the best ways to increase your bottom line is to manage your expenses better. And make your organization’s more efficient and increase the productivity of employees. Expense management is one of the powerful strategies for companies to increase the bottom line. And this is the reason why expense management is strategic for all companies. It can be done with Best Odoo Development Company.

Odoo Expense Management P2

Expense Management

Expense Management – Powerful Strategy Keep in track of Employees expenses manually is extremely time-consuming . Recording employee expenses , maintaining receipts and records as well as tracking their associated accounts is a tedious process. Manual expense management is overtly process orient and had involvment a lot of manual hours . A fully automated expense management would be the best solution for your company in case care for your bottomline and overall perfomance. This can be done with the help of Best Odoo Development Company

Best Odoo Development Company 

Odoo Development Company Automate with Odoo

When you think about fully automated expense management solution you may require intuitive user interface.  Intuitive GUI will make sure that the employee is not spending too much time learning how to use it. And able to use the solution very. Its adoption rate is very high. There’s no point in having a solution where very few people are using it because expense management is only effective if every one is entering expenses through  solution. GUI can design in such a way that employees should not waste too much time in figuring out how to use it. Instead, employees should use it rather than using it.  There should be substantial   time saving  and use that time for more productive work. In Odoo, managing your expenses is much easier than before.


Reimbursement When an employee is  traveling abroad  it will generate a lot of bills in his hand to claim. And if his travel becomes more frequent there  will be multiplier effect. By automating travel requisitions and capturing all expense using an expense management solution an organization can able to eliminate extra burden of keeping track of expenses done on the trip. The cost of a trip is a huge burden of keeping track of expenses done on the trip.  Any automation makes it harder for employees to inflate expenses and far easier for companies to detect fraud. Automation helps to reduce expense reporting time and makes employees’ reimburse  Faster. Considering all these, it is obvious that Odoo keeps everything in one place.

Odoo Development Company's Expense Management P4

Real time management is Possible

Real time management is Possible You need to have a Mobility solution because today we spend almost 70% of our time on a mobile phone very little time on a laptop or desktop. So if you really have people traveling a lot , they will always have a phone with them. It’s very important to have a robust Mobility solution because it allows you to manage expense on real-time basis. And this is becoming a reality in today’s world because people want things done quickly.

So employees should be able to submit expenses on the go by snapping a picture of their receipt with their mobile phone and sending it to an email address or directly enter into system in single step, It should automatically create an expense record for the total amount and attaches the image of the receipt to the record instantly.  Odoo can access from anywhere in the world using your phone.

Odoo Development Company  Expense Management

 Manage Seamlessly Expense management software should be able to  manage the  expenses of multiple companies and currencies which is perfect for keeping our international team and contract employees in sync with our local offices. The expense Management application also need to integrate seamlessly with the accounting application so we can issue reimbursement for our employees in just two clicks. This saves our  time as as well as keeps all of our financial records clean and easy for the accounting team to review.

We should be able to  even designate the analytic account of a client project. If expenses are to be reimburse directly by the client adding each expense as a line item to the customer invoice. This is done without any additional work from our accountants.

In today’s environment organizations need a solution where it is easy for them to boost employee benefit process and the productivity and also reduce costs overheads incurred on Manpower Logistics. Because employees are going to be driven by the compensation and benefits and  if u can manage the benefits powerfully it will add to the productivity as well. Thus Odoo benefits for total productivity of your firm.

Odoo Development Company 

Have a clear view of all your expenses

Have a clear view of all your expenses An Expense Management solution definitely need Analytics and multiple formats of report. It is  important to figure out what are the different ways you can optimize your cost for them. If you’re spending too much money with one particular Vendor, you may be able to negotiate a better rate from them. This will reduce the cost for that particular line item. Analytics becomes more and more important when there are a large number of employees and this team’s spent is large.

As the company grows in size,  the amount of money spent on employees will go up. The settlement ratio, the time invested in verification of spend data is also increasing. Along with this, policies and level of complexity is also go up. If company is in the growth stage it might need a real-time settlement dashboard. That means for companies in a growth phase it is important to manage company finance Judicially. This allows companies to take more informed business decisions.

Real-time settlement gives a detailed view of employee expenses against the company allocated funds and avoids confusion between departments over report. For a growing business , it is very important to manage the working capital efficiently.  employees expense is one of the major cost overheads for almost all business . So we need to have a solution which automate the whole cash distribution. It has to mitigate discrepancies like cash leakage fraudulent activities. It also brings visibility by automating the employee reimbursement process. It’s the role which Best Odoo Development Company plays in your business.

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Odoo School Management

Odoo School Management | Importance of ERP in Schools

Educational institutions play a crucial role in the shaping the future of a society. The schools play a critical role in the cognitive and academic development of their pupil. These pupils are the citizens of tomorrow. An educational institute not only shapes the future but also writes history. Therefore the educational institutions schools deserve, and require the best tools for their management practices to carry out their academic and administrative activities in the most efficient and effective manner. Educational Institutions/Schools should keep themselves abreast with the modern management tools for constant improvement in terms of knowledge impartation, their well-being and most importantly a systematic and strategic framework of child development, and therefore shaping the future of a nation

Odoo School Management P1

As the time progressed, methods used to impart knowledge have undergone significant changes. The effect of such progress is also evident on the tools used for school management also. A school’s performance is scrutinized not only on the performance of its students but also on the cost, speed, and efficiency of management. These factors contribute to the ranking and to measure success of an Educational Institution.

ERP for effective and efficient management

Modern schools require accumulating and managing large amount of data in the form of students’ details, staffs’ details, academic performances, fees structure and tracking, attendance of both students and staff, etc. There is a constant flow of information between
various branches involved in managing the institute like academics, accounting, and administration In the past, the schools only had to manage a handful of staff and students. Administration and management of the institute can be easily done through manual paper work. Now, the school management have outgrown the past methodologies. It have grown into an enterprising concern. Data flow, sharing, and access need to controlled and centralized. This can only be achieved by employing modern IT tools such as ERP for effective and efficient management.
Today’s schools warrants the use of an ERP solution for managing their school-related activities, which can make their work seamless, easier, efficient and productive. An ERP enables them easy, controlled, and centralized access to information, in real time, unlike the traditional work

Why ERP Software in the Education Sector?

Odoo School Management Software provides a self-sufficient platform that will automate and integrate any industry functions. Its customizability have made ERP Software a well-developed and utilized tool across various sectors of industries such as trading, finance, customer relations, manufacturing etc

Odoo School Management P3
School Management

An ERP can automate and integrate all functions  involved with the management of educational institutions.It have a comprehensive suite of applications which and automate and integrate the activities of management including but not limited to admission, academics, staff management, payroll, accounting etc.ERP will streamline the institute and related activities. Odoo ERP provides all necessary suites of application that will ensure the effective and efficient management of any educational institution. An Odoo ERP can help with the following in Education Institutions.
Integrate and automate every functions that is required for effective and efficient management of the institute.

  • Store, monitor, and access information in real-time pertaining to the management of
    the institution. It can be any functions such as admissions, academics, staff managementFacilitate the information flow and access control within the institution.
  • Track status and plan improvements in the current system
  • Improving and organizing the portfolio of teachers, students, and staff.
  • Easier student management.
  • Relationship management with parents and stakeholders.
  • Organizing and streamlining institution related communication
Odoo School ERP

Why Odoo for your institute?

Central Control, Access and Management of information

Odoo ERP

Information, Fees and Finance, Academic Records, etc. are some of the areas that will require and work with large amount of data. An ERP will integrate and automate these data. It can be stored, analyzed, and accessed in real time. The access can control and moreover can manage to suite any purpose increasing security, privacy and compartmentalization. Analytical tool included in the package can be utilized to plan and execute the needs of the institution with highest efficiency and precision.

Inter-departmental data sharing can achieve with lowest effort possible. Since the storage, analysis, and access is centralized any amount of departments can be integrated into the facility. Data and access can share and control within any required departments. Automation suite within the Odoo will help in report generation analysis and general usage. It will help the usage of Human Resource and eliminate the Human Errors. Central data storage ensures highest security, privacy, and integrity of all the data pertaining to all departments of the management.Simple data storage, update and management.
ERP meant of an educational institution provides the provision for easy update of data such as documents upload, submit the information online, fees remittance details etc. The system provided for such a function will be robust, easy to use, and seamless. Update and storage will be automated so that the tasks will be seamless and easy. This will provide data with highest
security, privacy, and integrity

Best Resource Management | Odoo School Management

Odoo School Management provides most efficient tools for tracking inventory moreover resource utilization of the institution in real time. Financial records generates and can keep in real time. Automation Suite allows to generate reports with ease minimizing human effort and errors. It also helps with the transparency of the management. Odoo ERP Solution can effortlessly optimize the functions and moreover the operations of the institute with minimal human intervention. This will enable the institution to run with highest efficiency enabling the best academic environment and thus helping to build a stronger society in particular and nation in general.

Business potential

Odoo Restaurant Management

Odoo Restaurant Management provides an efficient ERP to digitalize your restaurant. Restaurant management service odoo provides user friendly interface and lot of functions to make easy your works.

Odoo restaurant integration is making your business with a digital ambiance.

Features in Odoo Restaurant management:-

  • Floor Management
  • Table management
  • Menu management
  • KOT Management
  • Bill splitting option
  • Offline billing support
  • Pre bill printing before payment
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Management
Odoo Restaurant P1
Odoo Restaurant P2

Odoo compiling fast billing system with Odoo POS system.

How to configure basic POS for restaurant in Odoo?

Go to the point of sale settings

  • Enable is a Bar/Restaurant option
Odoo Restaurant P3

Payment we decide as per requirements (Cash, Card, Paytm  etc. …. )

Odoo Restaurant P4

Once it save as Bar/restaurant, some more option will be available in configuration.

  • Enable Table Management
  • Order line notes (option for adding some notes in order, like spicy or not etc. ….)
Odoo Restaurant P5
Odoo Restaurant P6

Click on floors then Floor configuration window will be available.

Odoo Restaurant P7
  • Click on Create
Odoo Restaurant P8
  • Assign floor name & POS
Odoo Restaurant P9
  • Click on add a line to configure table details
Odoo Restaurant P10
  • Assign Table name and number of seats , click on save and close , to configure more tables click on Save and New.
Odoo Restaurant P11
  • Now we can open new POS session.

Click on new session to open POS window

Odoo Restaurant P12

Restaurant POS window will be opened

Odoo Restaurant P13
  • Click on pen icon to make changes table configuration
Odoo Restaurant P14

Now options available for add tables, copy of tables, Edit table name, Edit number of seats, Edit Shape of tables, change color of tables and option for delete the tables.

Odoo Restaurant P15
Odoo Restaurant P16

Now POS will be open from specified table.

Odoo Restaurant P18

To configure KOT printer and then enable order printer option. Need to provide IOT and also Printer IP details. Also assign POS category to Product for assigning to the printer

Odoo Restaurant P19

Because after configuring KOT printer, addition button will be available in POS to send orders to kitchen.

Odoo Restaurant P20

Odoo Restaurant Management provides an efficient ERP and moreover it digitalize your restaurant


Best ERP Solution Services

Best ERP Solution Services | Data analysis and Business Intelligence through Odoo ERP

Best ERP Solution Services provides you with best data analysis and business intelligence.The application of data analysis in businesses is vastly increasing every day and if applied with the right strategy, the possibilities are endless. Data can be considered as your wealth and future. So how analytics’ and ERP related? This question may rise in your mind. Of course they can be considered as central co-ordinates of successful business.

What is an ERP? Every department within an organization typically has its own computer system, optimized to suit the way that department operates. Basically ERP combines the multiple departments systems into a single platform, integrated software program that runs of a single database. Of course, the one integrated software is then divided into software modules that are replicas of their older standalone counterparts. On the other hand, ERP is an operational system chock full of operational and transactional data. It will give you an exact view of your business from an operational perspective.

Odoo Business Intelligence P1

Data analysis and ERP Once we started using an ERP the operational procedures and data management of your firm get stabilized. Though it won’t be that fruitful unless we started exploring the data. So your future business decisions, employee’s performance, vendor performance etc.. are completely relay on past data analysis .Can you just imagine a case where you started analyzing for 5 year sales data in tabular format? Yes that’s not a feasible strategy. Appropriately, there should be a platform can mold the data to a convenient format for proper analysis, at this stage where Odoo dashboard scores its import ants

How Odoo support BI and data analysis?

Odoo providing a volatile platform for data visualization Called Odoo Dashboards. All the data that we feed into the ERP can drag out and mold to a useful graphical views. As an initial talk let’s have some outlook in the basic analyzing cores.

  • Lead Analysis
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Stock/inventory analysis
  • Sales analysis
Odoo Business Intelligence P2

Lead analysis


  • Group the lead based on region/country or in base of any data that we given
  • Set filters to filter out a particular set of data
  • Compare with the previous period with Time Ranges option
Odoo Business Intelligence P4

Above graph illustrate the lead probability analysis in CRM dashboard in Odoo ERP where leads from Australia found to be comparatively far less in contrast with other regions. So it indicates there should be a proper market strategy at that particular region or time to rethink about the current market strategy over that region, until that the leads from Australia should treated with less priority. Similarly as the data grows verdicts will be strapping.  

Employee performance analysis in Best ERP Solution Services


Here am just plotting the lead wise performance of sales person, similar options are available in each module for corresponding employee analysis.

Group the lead based on the sales person check the probability of leads/expected revenue etc.. so that you can analysis the lead data based on sales person there by proper sales person performance analysis is possible. Also the comparison based on time range is also available

Odoo Business Intelligence P5
Odoo Business Intelligence P6

Stock/inventory analysis


There will be six options available for inventory analysis

  • Warehouse analysis
  • Inventory analysis
  • Forecasted inventory
  • Inventory valuation
  • Stock moves
  • Product moves

Best ERP Solution Services Warehouse analysis

In the warehouse analysis part itself the overall report of the warehouse is available

Average delivery cycle time, receipts cycle time, delivery delay, inventory turnover, outgoing and incoming inventory values etc…

Odoo Business Intelligence P7

Next option is inventory reporting where the stock status of the products will analyse in Best ERP Solution Services

Odoo Business Intelligence P8

Another particular feature is inventory forecasting where, based on the purchase order and sales order the quantity of the product is predicted for the future.

Quality will increase on the basis of PO date and will decrease by delivery order.  

Odoo Business Intelligence P9

In this analysis, the forecasting is done product wise for one month duration, So that based on the forecasted inventory stock, purchase and proper vendor management can be done

Odoo Business Intelligence P10

Inventory valuation

Current product wise status and also history of stock moves will report here

Odoo Business Intelligence P11
Odoo Business Intelligence P12

Stock move analysis

Warehouse wise stock move analysis

Product move analysis

Odoo Business Intelligence P13

Sales analysis

Sales >> Reporting >> sales

Odoo sales reporting is highly capable of sorting all sale progress and decline. Using the line graph analysis over a particular duration is well organized in order to figure out all seasonality and feature selection of the past sales data. 

For the product wise sales analysis

Filter >> add custom filter >> Product >> contains >> “PRODUCT NAME “

Also time rage option is available for the time range wise data comparison however its in Best ERP Solution Services

Odoo Business Intelligence P14
Odoo Business Intelligence P15
Best ERP Solution Services

Fore more details click here…

Copy of Tally to odoo erp

Voice Over Internet Protocol | VOIP

What is VoIP (voice over IP)?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company. Some people use VOIP in addition to their traditional phone service, since VOIP service providers usually offer lower rates than traditional phone companies.

How does VOIP work?

VoIP technology enables traditional telephony services to operate over computer networks using packet-switched protocols. Packet-switched VoIP puts voice signals into packets, similar to an electronic envelope. VoIP packets can be transmitted over any VoIP-compatible network, such as a local area network (LAN).

Odoo Voip P1

Voice over Internet Protocol services in Odoo

Odoo VoIP can set up to work together with OnSIP ( In that case, the installation and setup of an Asterisk server is not necessary as the whole infrastructure is hosted and managed by OnSIP. You will need to open an account with OnSIP to use this service. Before doing so, make sure that your area and the areas you wish to call was include by the service

Create OnSIP Account

OnSIP is a cloud-based, real-time business phone system. It offers InstaCall, a tool that lets visitors to your website make video calls to your sales or support team straight from their browsers.

Find your OnSIP credentials

You can find all this information by logging in at, then select the user you want to configure and refer to the fields as pictured you see here >

Odoo Voip P2
Odoo Voip P3

Odoo OnSIP  Module Installation

Go to Apps and install the module VoIP OnSIP.


Go to Settings/General Settings. In the section Integrations/Asterisk (VoIP), fill in the 3 fields:

  • OnSIP Domain is the domain you chose when creating an account on If you don’t know it, log in to and you will see it in the top right corner of the screen.
  • WebSocket should contain wss://
  • Mode should be Production
Odoo Voip P4

User Configuration

Go to Settings/Users. In the form view of each Voice over Internet Protocol user, in the Preferences tab, fill in the section PBX Configuration:

  • SIP Login / Browser’s Extension: the OnSIP ‘Username’
  • OnSIP authorization User: the OnSIP ‘Auth Username’
  • SIP Password: the OnSIP ‘SIP Password’
  • Handset Extension: the OnSIP ‘Extension’
Odoo Voip P5

Make a call

You can now make phone calls by clicking the phone icon in the top right corner of Odoo (make sure you are logged in as a user properly configured in Odoo and in OnSIP).

Odoo Voip P6

Note : If you see a Missing Parameters message in the Odoo softphone, make sure to refresh your Odoo window and try again.

Odoo Voip P7

Note : If you see an Incorrect Number message in the Odoo softphone, make sure to use the international format, leading with the plus (+) sign followed by the international country code. E.g.: +16506913277 (where +1 is the international prefix for the United States).

Odoo Voip P8

Receive phone calls

You can now also receive phone calls. Your number is the one provided by OnSIP. Odoo will ring and display a notification.

Odoo Voip P9

OnSIP on Your Cell Phone

In order to make and receive phone calls when you are not in front of your computer, you can use a softphone app on your cell phone in parallel of Odoo VoIP. This is useful for on-the-go calls, but also to make sure to hear incoming calls, or simply for convenience. Any SIP softphone will work.

On Android and iOS, OnSIP has been successfully tested with Grandstream Wave. Also When creating an account, select OnSIP in the list of carriers. You will then have to configure it as follows:

  • Account name: OnSIP
  • SIP Server: the OnSIP ‘Domain’
  • SIP User ID: the OnSIP ‘Username’
  • SIP Authentication ID: the OnSIP ‘Auth Username’
  • Password: the OnSIP ‘SIP Password’

Aside from initiating calls from Grandstream Wave on your phone, you can also initiate calls by clicking phone numbers in your browser on your PC. This will make Grandstream Wave ring and route the call via your phone to the other party. This approach is useful to avoid wasting time dialing phone numbers. In order to do so, you will need the Chrome extension OnSIP Call Assistant.

Warning :- The downside of using a softphone on your cell phone is that your calls will not be logged in Odoo as the softphone acts as an independent separate app.

For reference you can click here…

Acc - inv

Accounting and Invoicing

Accounting and Invoicing | Account Journals in Odoo

All your accounting entries need to appear in an accounting journal. So you should create a Sales Journal for customer invoices, a Sales Refund journal for customer credit notes, a Purchase Journal for supplier invoices, a Purchase Refund journal for supplier credit notes and a Bank Journal for bank transactions.

Odoo Account Journals 1

Each entry posted in ODOO13 Enterprice is recorded in such a journal. To view, edit or create new journals use the menu  Accounting →  Configuration →  Invoicing → Journals → Create

Odoo Account Journals 2

In Odoo,when you select a journalType, some configuration parameters will be there. The journal type will tell the system where the concerned journal can use.

Journal type

By giving Journal type on Journal means you are specify that the current journal comes under which accounting document.the Field are shown Below

  • Bank
  • Cash
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Miscellaneous

To view, edit or create new journals use the menu  Accounting → Configuration  → Accounting → Chart Of Accounts → Create

 List View

Odoo Account Journals 3

 Create View

Odoo Account Journals 4

The main account fields are:

  • Code: the code length is not limited to a specific number of digits. Use code 0 to indicate the root
  • Name: the account name.
  • Account Type: it is important to select the corresponding account type, as explained above. This will have an impact at year closing and also when reports In Trail Balance ,Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet Etc….

In addition Odoo Providing Account Type Mentioned Below

  • Assetes
    • Receivable
    • Bank and Cash
    • Current Assets
    • Non-Current Assets
    • Prepayments
    • Fixed Asset
  • Libilities
    • Payable
    • Credit Card
    • Current Liabilities
    • Non-Current Liabilities
  • Equity
    • Equity
    • Current Year Earnings
  • Income
    • Income
    • Other Income
  • Expense
    • Expenses
    • Depreciations
    • Cost Of Revenue
  • Others
    • Off-Balance Sheet
  • Default Taxes: Such as applying default tax to purchases or sales using this account. It enables the system to propose tax entries automatically when entering data in a journal manually.
  • Allow Reconciliation: determines if you can reconcile the entries in this account. Activate this field for receivable and payable accounts and any other account that need to be reconciled other than by bank statements.


journal entry, into accounting, is the logging of a transaction in accounting journal items. The journal entry can consist of several recordings, each of which is either a debit or a credit. The total of the debits must equal the total of the credits moreover the journal entry is said to be “unbalanced”.

It sometimes is refers to as the book of original entry. And also After posting entries to the journal, your accounting system transfers the information to the Chart of Accounts. which then is used to produce your income statements and balance sheets. The ledger is referred to as the book of final entry.

To get an overview of existing journal entries or to create new journal entries, go to Accounting → Accounting  → Miscellaneous→  Journal Entries → Create. Journal entries can generate by two ways: automatically from invoices then by manually entering account lines in a journal.

Odoo Account Journals 5

From the State column, you can check whether the journal entry has already validated (Posted) or  not ( Unposted ).

Double Entry System

Undoubtedly Journal is a Date Wise Record of all the Transactions. In addition with Details of the Accounts Debit and Credit and The Amount of each Transactions

Odoo Account Journals 6