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You all know that odoo is an ERP that is famous for its user friendliness compare to other ERP’s in the world. Here is another example to justify the comment. Odoo can be used not only in English, but it also supports in many global and local languages. Which is really helpful for many users who likes to use the ERP in their own mother languages.

            There are 85 different languages are supported in odoo including Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Telugu etc. Most of the languages included in the package for odoo default modules and views. In this configuration we can change the decimal separator, date format, time format etc. These all are related to the language, If you need to change the date format in odoo(Default format is MM/DD/YY.  you can also refer this blog for the same to change it to indian standard format of DD/MM/YY.

Now let us check how it can be done

1. Put on the debug mode using Settings — > Activate developer mode

2. After activating the developer mode go to Translations — > Languages Here you can see the languages available in odoo, select the language you needed to activate in your database

3. Select the language and press on the button “ Activate and translate” Here you can see many options in this window such as direction of the text (For eg: rather than other languages Arabic directs from right to left). And separator format that is uses in the numeric digits for quantity price etc. Decimal separator using for separating decimals. Thousand separator as the name indicates, Date format, Time format, First day of week.

4. Now go to the users menu –>       Select the user (That you need to translate the language)

The above mentioned option will shows like this in the preference menu icon

Odoo Translation P7

Here you can see the available languages since that you have activated in the database. Choose the language you needed to activate then save the window, after refreshing the screen you can see that the changes effected the modules like the images below

Odoo Transation P8
Odoo Transation P9

When you open any modules you can see the effect of the features

The above changes have done by the language direction by the default Arabic direction of right to left, but you can change it by mentioned above, It will reflect by below

Odoo Transation P11

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