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Odoo Restaurant Management

Odoo Restaurant Management provides an efficient ERP to digitalize your restaurant. Restaurant management service odoo provides user friendly interface and lot of functions to make easy your works.

Odoo restaurant integration is making your business with a digital ambiance.

Features in Odoo Restaurant management:-

  • Floor Management
  • Table management
  • Menu management
  • KOT Management
  • Bill splitting option
  • Offline billing support
  • Pre bill printing before payment
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Management
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Odoo compiling fast billing system with Odoo POS system.

How to configure basic POS for restaurant in Odoo?

Go to the point of sale settings

  • Enable is a Bar/Restaurant option
Odoo Restaurant P3

Payment we decide as per requirements (Cash, Card, Paytm  etc. …. )

Odoo Restaurant P4

Once it save as Bar/restaurant, some more option will be available in configuration.

  • Enable Table Management
  • Order line notes (option for adding some notes in order, like spicy or not etc. ….)
Odoo Restaurant P5
Odoo Restaurant P6

Click on floors then Floor configuration window will be available.

Odoo Restaurant P7
  • Click on Create
Odoo Restaurant P8
  • Assign floor name & POS
Odoo Restaurant P9
  • Click on add a line to configure table details
Odoo Restaurant P10
  • Assign Table name and number of seats , click on save and close , to configure more tables click on Save and New.
Odoo Restaurant P11
  • Now we can open new POS session.

Click on new session to open POS window

Odoo Restaurant P12

Restaurant POS window will be opened

Odoo Restaurant P13
  • Click on pen icon to make changes table configuration
Odoo Restaurant P14

Now options available for add tables, copy of tables, Edit table name, Edit number of seats, Edit Shape of tables, change color of tables and option for delete the tables.

Odoo Restaurant P15
Odoo Restaurant P16

Now POS will be open from specified table.

Odoo Restaurant P18

To configure KOT printer and then enable order printer option. Need to provide IOT and also Printer IP details. Also assign POS category to Product for assigning to the printer

Odoo Restaurant P19

Because after configuring KOT printer, addition button will be available in POS to send orders to kitchen.

Odoo Restaurant P20

Odoo Restaurant Management provides an efficient ERP and moreover it digitalize your restaurant

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