Odoo Integrations

Odoo integrations

Odoo integrations connects ERP software to other applications and data sources. Whether the data comes from the ERP or other systems, ERP software integration gives you a unified picture of data from several systems in real time.

The process through which a company connects its ERP software with other applications is known as ERP integration. Undoubtedly increase productivity, get new insights, and establish a single source of truth, it is necessary to transfer data among many systems.

Integration is the straightforward connection and synchronisation of your ERP software with other business systems like e-commerce, CRM, marketing tools like analytics, and other databases and data sources that your company uses. Connecting all the points a company uses to enter, manage, track, and produce relevant and significant data.

Integrations in Odoo

Integration capability is one of the best features of Odoo ERP. While it can interact with outside program to provide you with a full set of business apps. Odoo makes it less effortless because integrations are so simple to set up which makes very easy to manage our entire business from one single platform.  Integrations in Odoo help business owners to increase company’s overall productivity and minimise the cost of labour to save money as well.

API in Odoo

Interaction between the various parts of the Odoo program is defined by the API integration. If the business uses multiple applications for the daily activity, we can easily synchronize all of these applications with API are provided by Odoo and also allow easy customizations with business needs. Numerous apps, including those you now use to manage your business, can be integrated with odoo. You can quickly access all of your current apps on one simple platform by integrating them with odoo API integration. This will make it possible for you to manage your company more effectively and to stay on top of all of its various aspects.

Here are some of the major integrations in Odoo…

Odoo integrations Payment Gateway Integration

Nowadays, a major part of financial transactions happening in online. Following ERP software’s need an efficient Payment Gateway Integration for the online payment transactions in the business.

A payment gateway is an independent application that manages all the payment transactions between customer and merchants. It is significantly simpler with Odoo ERP. Odoo comes with payment gateways by default, including PayPal,, and Also Odoo can easily integrate with other applications as per business needs.

Social Media Integration

Internet and Social media becomes a necessary daily activity of every person. In such a scenario social media plays an important role to connect and engage potential customers into a business.

Social media integration with Odoo opens up lot of opportunities where customers may talk about the value of your goods and also services. The recommendation program facilitates a growth in clients. An affordable method of marketing your items is provided by Odoo social media integration.  Odoo provides a cost-effective method to market the products by this integration. To increase business, we can incorporate certain well-known social media platforms within the odoo system, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

SMS Gateway Integration

Besides today SMS is dependable and essential for the marketing campaign of every business. While comparing to business emails quick and short SMS are effective to send notifications to the customers .
We can send SMS notifications to all our customers moreover to vendors by using odoo SMS gateway API. 

E-commerce Integration

Odoo can keep connected to all the major e-commerce platforms. While this integrations feature will help to easily manage orders, shipping, inventories, and tracking information’s to make our business more customers friendly.

We can reduce most of our manual errors by this automation with the help of API’s and also providing clients the transparency they require to feel safe making a purchase from our company.

By integrating with Amazon, shopify additionally walmart will allows to track and manage all the orders and goods from odoo.