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Odoo ERP System: What is it?

One of the most comprehensive business management programs on the market today is Odoo, which can handle every aspect of a company’s operations via its assigned modules.

Fabien Pinckaers founded the company in 2005, and their first software product, TinyERP, was later renamed as Odoo. As the platform grew rapidly, it was renamed Odoo starting with Version 8. The programmers released two platform versions starting with version 9 of the program as it proceeded with its business management features.

There are differences in various operating capabilities between the business and community editions. The most recent version of the Odoo, V16, is said to be among the quickest and most sophisticated versions ever developed.

Odoo Business Solutions

With more than 7 million users worldwide, Odoo ERP is quickly rising to the top of the company management software market because to its consistent performance, dependability, and affordability. The Odoo ERP’s open-source characteristic, which makes it beneficial to everyone, is one of the main causes of its development. Additionally, Odoo offers more than 40560 add-on modules, including both free and premium applications. These modules enhance the functionality of the base module and advance the operational simplicity of your organization.

What Distinguishes Odoo ERP from its rivals?

Open-source Odoo ERP is regarded as one of the most sophisticated and dependable corporate operations management technologies available. The Odoo platform is unique in the following ways, which are highlighted here:

Just why choose Odoo ERP

Why not, is the response. The Odoo ERP’s application-specific modules are integrated into a dedicated modular business operations framework to provide dependable, economical, and efficient business operations and management. In addition, the Odoo ERP platform has a consolidated approach to operations, using a single central inventory management system to efficiently handle the company’s retail, wholesale, and e-commerce activities. Furthermore, all of the company’s information is kept in a single central database, facilitating efficient communication and information sharing inside and outside of the business.

Odoo Modules We Provide



Elevate your customer relationships with ease and efficiency.


Point Of Sale

Simplify your retail operations and enhance the customer shopping experience



Enabling efficient supplier management and seamless purchase order creation and tracking



optimizes stock management, real-time visibility
and control over inventory levels, movements, and valuation



facilitates financial management, automating bookkeeping, invoicing, and reporting for businesses of all sizes



enables efficient production planning, control, and tracking of manufacturing processes, enhancing productivity and product quality



empowers businesses to create and manage online stores, streamlining product listings, order processing, and customer interactions

Social Marketing


Allows businesses to efficiently plan, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and lead generation

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Other modules

Designed to revolutionize specific facets of your business operations.Explore tailored solutions to enhance productivity.

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